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So far, 2009 has been a fantactic year for Christopher Spero, aka Glimpse. The last few months have seen him release the 'Drifting E.P. on Carl Craig’s Planet E Label, E.P.s on Cadenza, Get Physical/Kindisch, Buzzin Fly and a release on his own Glimpse Recordings imprint with Kompakt. Throughout 2009, he has also been composing his debut studio album on Four Twenty entitled, 'Runner' which is due out in October, as well as touring relentlessly with his live show in Japan, Australia, North/South America and Europe.

Christopher's sound is hugely influenced by his early obsessions with blues and jazz music, represented by the soulful essence captured in his music. Preferring more traditional production techniques, he uses only analogue equipment and records most of his tracks live, editing only afterwards, thus giving his music a more improvised quality.

From an early age, Christopher had an interest in jazz, blues and techno, performing in several bands and releasing electronic music on various U.K. based labels under different aliases (Attic, Olek, and Spero). He then studied sculpture at Central Saint Martin’s art college until 2000, after which he started up Glimpse Recordings with Kompakt. Glimpse is one of a few UK labels to be distributed through the Cologne-based company.

Glimpse’s records have been regular fixtures in the boxes of : Ricardo Villalobos, Carl Craig, Francois K, Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Luciano, Loco Dice, Magda, Craig Richards, Sasha, Ben Watt, Robert Hood, Mathew Dear, Steve Bug, Slam, Jay Haze, John Digweed, Troy Pierce, Anja Schneider, Konrad Black and Adam Beyer amongst many others.

GIGS/TOURS : Colours (Tokyo) The Edge (San Paulo) Womb (Tokyo) Watergate (Berlin) Rex Club (Paris) Fabric (London) Clapper (Osaka) Dimensions (Fukyoka) Module (Tokyo) Garage (Brazil) Miss Pig (San Paulo Brazil) SPZK (Brazil) DV1 (Lyon) Harry Klein (Munich) Pipping (Geneva) Moog (Barcelona) Loft (Barcelona) Moona (Jena) Weekend (Berlin) Sonic Arts Festival (Blogna) Desi (Nuremburg) Supermarket (Zurich) Pipping (Geneva) Metro Dance Club (Alicante) Monsters Of House (Munich) Centrum (Erfurt Germany) Piping Club (Geneva) Raum Playa (Barcelona)The End (London) Blush (Bordeux) 15th Floor (Berlin) Blush (Bordeux) Fellini (Barcelona) Q Club (Zurich) Gotec cafe (Karlsruhe-Germany) Switch (Georgia) Viper Club (Florene) Gasoline (Milan) Deputamadre (Bel Horizone-Brazil) Flumo (Seville)103 (Berlin)Air (Tokyo) Low Blub Madrid


London, UK

Planet E, Cadenza, Four Twenty, Glimpse, Kindich

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FLR000 Flumo Recordings 12·2007
VA Flumo Unmixed Edition 001

From Flumo, after two years as a net label and informative platform working with artists of different nationalities, have compiled this double CD with 24 unreleased tracks to further develop musical creativity in our wide but personal vision of electronic music.

In the Cd 1, Infinite Deep, we find the reflection of an extensive stylistic vision shared asthread depth projected into deep contemporary modernism from the assimilation of the classics.

Future Groove is the name of Cd 2. On this record the coordinates in that frame, butvariable in terms of nuances and interpretations are directed towards the sounds that are developed properly in the dance floor.

Flumo Unmixed Edition 001 is co.producido Flumo and Tarifa by and between thetracklisting Records artists are scattered around the world include: Glimpse, Theodor Zox,Remute, Tom Ellis, Misc, The Txef_A, Daryl Jackson Black, V. Rotz, Jussi Pekka, MikaelStravostrand or Alejandro Lopez ..

This release of Flumo Unmixed Edition 001 will have a promotional tour in 2008 throughout the Spanish territory, as well as for some countries like England, Portugal and Germany

The double CD Flumo Unmixed Edition 001 is available at: Tarifa Records, in all FNACstores in Spain and in specialty stores. In digital format Flumo Unmixed Edition 001 can be found at