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Manu Heredia - Black Remains EP | Flumo Netlabel | FLM029

Manu Heredia was born in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela  in 1981. Strongly influenced by 70s and 80s music, as he grew listening to his fathers records played at home (Electric Light Orchestra, Lipps Inc, Afrika Bambaataa, Arthur Baker, David Mancuso, Larry Leaven or Mr. Fingers, among others). This passion made possible the fact that being only 8, he began studying percussion. At 10 he already read music and played the piano.


Since 2006 he produces, deeply influenced by house, deep and tech-house. At the same time he collaborates and works in different projects with different net labels, and digital record labels, besides putting his signature in various works with Nahuel Vicente, under the pseudonym of Frequency Friends.


Recently he has entered both as an artist and producer in Turbulence Calm Records (Chicago, USA), and is an associated of Redmo Records (Barcelona, Spain), and also collaborates with different labels such as Flumo, Neovinyl or Fruitclubs.


We are really pleased to present to all of you, in the usual format of our Flumo Net Label creations, this Black Remains EP, by this Venezuelan man settled in the magic isle of Menorca.

This is a superb creation, subtle and intimate. What makes this collection of tracks so attractive is the way the artist homogenizes his work, while at the same time it absorbs from a rich variety of stylistic shades. This proves both Heredia sensibility and the wide musical influence he has been exposed to since he was a child.


It is true that tech-house is the main leitmotiv, as we found lots of reflections, influences, and tributes to it.


All Stars is a piece of dub echoes with a junglish, tempting atmosphere. On the other hand, Cold Brain is full of fine elements which make us enjoy of a terrace jazz (better than a lounge one). With Dark state of my own the register shifts towards minimal of playful funksoul with synth arrangements. Oh my loft is more similar to Dark state of my own than to the previous tracks. Purely hedonist and dauntless, it is imbued with the soul of the vocals which season it. When the fever does not let you think is our favourite, though the whole production exhales hyper quality. But coming back to this When the fever does not let you think, we find a piece with a gliding halo where subtleties are perfectly measured. The stop is delicious, as it is the timeless and juicy bass groove.

We heartly thank Manu Heredia for this incredible work we are delighted to present to the rest of the people, through our humble but powerful channels.

FLM029 | 30 Sep 2010

Manu Heredia
Black Remains EP



Cold Brain

8:35 min | 19.85 MB


All Stars

8:04 min | 18.67 MB


Dark State Of My Own

6:13 min | 14.41 MB

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