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Carlo - Un Día Normal | Flumo Recordings | FLR004

'Un día normal' is the track signed by Carlo, a young artist from Málaga who lives in London, which is the essence of this Flumo Recordings 004. ‘Un día normal’ starts drawing some simple tech-house coordinates from where, with a sweet infectious groove, builds a superimposition of resounding landscapes with increasing emotive intensity. Its suggestive voicing effects and its melodic atmospheres are capable to convey to the dancefloor the chromatic and oneiric subjectivity this tracks is full of.

Tom Demac, who is becoming one of the most exciting producers, presents his ‘too many of these days remix’, an exquisite revision slowing down the cadence of the original to get a deep house which emerges in a futurist and energizing evocative way.

D.A.R.Y.L brings us his ‘throwawy remix’ elevating even more if possible the quality of this E.p. The contrast between the acid and epic portrayed shows up the sensibility and peculiar vision of this artist.

Baldo, to close the vol. signs a special reinterpretation where Detroit’s percussions are mixed to fit perfectly a dainty programming of deep tech a diamond worth.

FLR004 | 28 Jun 2009

Un Día Normal



Un dia normal

7:32 min


Un dia normal (Tom Demac´s too many of these days)

9:10 min


Un dia normal (Baldo Remix)

7:46 min


Un dia normal (D.A.R.Y.L.´s Throwaway Remix)

7:40 min

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Carlo - Un Día Normal | Flumo Recordings | FLR004
FLM027 Flumo Netlabel 4·2009
Carlo Okapiphant

‘The okapiphants are joyous little animals that, hidden in our memory, eat our darkest rememberings. It is because of this that only good moments remain.

Everybody knows we all die, at the moment which memories outcome illusions. Sometimes it is too hard to assimilate changes and life’s hazards.

This work is oriented to those happy moments that will never happen again. I love my life and my expectations but for me it’s difficult to realize the fact that I will never return to school or… that maybe this will be the last candy I will give you.

I want to create a bubble where I can put all the good things and stay there, to dance hand by hand with them, instead of crying or say goodbye. To become meeting-lovers. To know how to live without forget’.

Carlo (author of Okapiphant L.p)

Okapiphant is a creation by Carlo which invite us to meet his inner circle of emotions and feelings, where harmony and equilibrium reside among them, leaving us this sweet and timeless ‘Okapiphant L.p’.

Baldo from Neovinyl Malaga elaborates his ‘Despues de nada’ remix in deep house key, where tempo and tenderness show his ways drawing coordinates in an hypothetical vacuum.

El Txef A remixes ‘You are lost in my mind’, taking us to that place where orientation is dead, and in its places arises a rich musical creativity free from all bounds.

Pedro de Tena recently joined flumo artists roster. He show us his remake of `Carmencita’ with his sensibility flowing by electronic paths where the organic nourishes every given step and every traced.

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