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VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005

Unreleased Highlights 001 becomes an exciting fist Various Artists format selection that Flumo Recordings has created with a recollection of hidden gems that dazzle in their composition and conception.

It has a track list that stylistically develops from deep-tech to dub-house. An essence almost always permeated by Detroit vibes and avant-garde sounds for the dance floor that, no doubt, are becoming the trademark of the label.

In the front line we can find carefully crafted works from Ludwig Coenen, Theodor Zox, Markus Newton & Cosmic Cowboys.

We continue with the highly suggestive works from artists that are gradually calling the attention such as V.Sexion & Ntanos, Baldo, Chembass, Manu Heredia or Oren Bi.

Expect to find heavy artillery in the rearguard from the best of Flumo factory, from the ever brilliant and flagship artist El_Txef_A, to the big bets (and big actual realities) Drunkat!, V.Rotz, Dixie Yure and Twice.

FLR005 | 15 Jul 2009

Unreleased Highlights 001



Dixie Yure - Mum roll

7:18 min


Ludwig Coenen - Dirty dirt

7:41 min


Cosmic Cowboys - Zwei

6:30 min


Oren Bi - Zentzua

5:03 min


Drunkat! - it

6:12 min


El_Txef_A - Vegara

5:51 min


Chembass - BoomBoomShit

6:23 min


Theodor Zox - round the corner

7:23 min


V.Sexion & Ntanos - Hups Hups

6:18 min


T.W.I.C.E - Hello

7:14 min


Markus Newton - The Wiew

8:14 min


Baldo - Gorgeus

7:11 min



7:28 min


Manu Heredia - Valores

6:23 min

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VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005
FLR045 Flumo Recordings 2·2014
VA Unreleased Highlights 004


Flumo Recordings starts the new year after the goldrush of our last release - Chocky “The Supplier EP”, the wax of which was extremely collectable thanks to its beautiful artwork. Unreleased Highlights is the fourth edition of the series, predicting a year in which we will have to follow closely the Spanish label based in London.

Opening this selection of jewels we discover ‘Simple’, a track by Nicson featuring the smooth vocals of Dixie Yure. This collaboration gets an A+ with, flawless deep house full of details in the arrangements, and a restrained funk, all marked by a sparkling and addictive groove.

‘Anu Davai’ by Alland Byallo is another gem in this special Flumo release. The delicious density of the track shows off Alland’s skills. Energetic, and extremely elegant.
We applaud the new work by Chocky and his particular ability to capture the essential soul in its purest state. Dub of the deepest frequency with the tidy and chilled warm-up number ‘Seek Deep’.

It’s also a pleasure to include Kasper on this fourth volume in the series . The capo of Esperanza Records shares ‘Lndn’, a rhythmic programming with the old fashioned scent of pure American tech funk. However, what could be an expected exercise in drums rhythm becomes instead a piece full of melodies and sound shades that transport our minds to a techno initiation ritual on a beach on Avatar’s Pandora.

Next up, is ‘My Babe is so Funk’ by Dixie Yure, a track full of sensuality and elegance. Crystal source of 90’s deep house feed a track soaked in soul and funk, with an exquisite bass line. An instant classic for our catalogue. Superb.

To crown this tiara there’s a gem from genius Tom Ellis. His ‘First Things First’ is unclassifiable. Minimal sketching and maximal dramatic tension, chamber music for the club scene, superb!

VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005
FLR055 Flumo Recordings 6·2013
VA FLCD003 Very Very Beast Deluxe Ed.
We wanted to create for you a special package of 17 of the best Flumo tracks, that all had a significant impact on the label's history. This release will be available exclusively on Itunes and will feature standout names such as Jussy Pekka, Ekkohaus, Vadim Svoboda, Alex Jones, Cosmic Cowboys and Tom Ellis, among many others.
VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005
FLR050 Flumo Recordings 4·2013
VA FLCD002 Very Very Beast 2012

We have put together for you a nice package of tracks that really made an impression on us during 2012, featuring standout artist such as Tim GreenChockyVadimSvobodaMark Chambers,T.W.I.C.E and many more

VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005
FLR045 Flumo Recordings 2·2013
VA Unreleased Highlights 004
VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005
FLR405 Flumo Recordings 2·2013
VA Dot Colour Series Purple

With a recently ended 2012, with so many landmarks for the label career, Flumo starts this 2013 launching again its Dot Colour Series -samplers which reach their issue number 3- plus the label 40.5 release. This time, purple as flag, Flumo brings five artists’ semi-debuts: Cossano, Duky, Joe Europe, Nicholas Deca, and Stripe, all of them with a promising future, based on the quality and depth of their works. A whole lot which offers a joyful walk throughout the hidden places of House.

VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005
FLR355 Flumo Recordings 7·2012
VA Dot Colour Series Pink

Flumo gets back in its old ways, no matter how many blissful digitalizations remain behind. 'Pink' Dot Colour Series could be acquired and enjoyed in a vinyl format. Three bastions and banners of our label sign this work. A captivating piece unveiling the summertimer, where Sonar sets a crucial place.

VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005
FLR305 Flumo Recordings 2·2012
VA Dot Colour Series Brown
VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005
FLR030 Flumo Recordings 2·2012
VA 2011 Very Very Beast

Pol_On, Tom Demac, El_Txef_A, T.W.I.C.E., Santos Resiak, Alex Arnout, Ezequiel Sánchez, Whim-ee, Fiakun Team, DeadEcho, Zumo, Kaarel & V- Sexion :::

It’s true that we are not much frontier-friendly, but we are future-lovers indeed. For this very reason, the best way to dive into this fruitful 2011 is to halt a little bit in this compilation we’d like to offer you.

Some of the greatest and applauded tracks of the extinct though celebrated 2011 which brought us real sonic jewels. A time-honoured past with halos lurking among vast, creative spectrum in pursuit of a danceable type of music characterized by its soul touch.

VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005
FLR028 Flumo Recordings 12·2011
VA Unreleased Highlights Vol. 3

If there is a saga within Flumo Recordings which both treasures the facts of being a declaration of principles and an entrance door to this house, that is no doubt Unreleased Highlights. Through it, label main assets like Jazzler aka Dixie Yure, T.W.I.C.E. or El_Txef_A have passed.

Paul Loraine, sharing woks with Tale of Us, Funk D ́Void or Robert Owens, is an artist who undeniably has manifested his talent in this ‘Smile’. Intimate and evocative, from a heterodox minimalism, winks at a deep house of thick but subtle atmosphere.

Stride, to whom we also give a warm welcome, is one of the artists who let a great deal of his savoir faire in labels such as Remote or Selected Works. His alluring ‘S’Bend’ is a hypnotic piece where self-controlled dramatism blooms in splendor.

‘Almonds’ is the track signed by Chamboche, who has worked for shiny labels such as Needwant, Under the Shade or Zombie Soundsystem, though it is his first appearance in Flumo Recordings. Unclassifiable and riveting in his style and his surprising mark.

The fourth gem is ‘Eve Court Sunday’ by Ittestsu, Nicson (T.W.I.C.E.) and Maik Yells. Hitherto unknown triumvirate whose biggest sin is the exquisite timelessness of their quasi-utopian work.

‘Forest my Forest’ brings the essence and transparency of those qualities which make a song great. This is true techno, properly. This time Vlad Malinovsky is the author, and we, the grateful patrons.

VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005
FLR020 Flumo Recordings 3·2011
VA 5 Years of Flumo

Seville's label Flumo celebrates its first five years with reference number 20. A very special reference, which closes a really productive stage for the label and many artists, some of them a sure commitment for Flumo, having produced excellent stuff with the label, and they had now become referents in electronic music worldwide – Glimpse, Tom Demac, El_Txef_A, Dave DK, Dixie Yure, Ekkohaus, Chris Lattner, Ezequiel Sanchez, Alland Byallo, V.Sexion.

To feast this anniversary, Flumo brings a compilation containing 18 tracks from all its catalogue, embodying a monograph of club music as it is understood by this sevillian label.

"FLUMO 5 YEARS COMPILATION" contains brushstrokes of various styles and genres, chosen with care and concern from over dozens of references published by the label so far. Sometimes, Chicago's legacy blossoms –tracks by Tom Demac, El Txef A, Daniel Kyo, or Nicson- or render a jazzie character, as it is shown in works by V.Rotz, Ekkohaus, Ezequiel Sanchez, Jazzler, TWICE,or V.Sexion.

There is also room for newest acid house –Chris Lattner-, deeptechno –Dave DK & Holger Ziske, Ntanos , Glimpse, Alex Jones or -Ludwig Coenen- and pure delicious electronic, Dixie Yure.

A compendium which ends a cycle stating in the same way: with a compilatory work defining the bases and objectives of a label always looking for challenges to offer. And this is precisely what has maintained Flumo in the limelight these years.

VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005
FLR014 Flumo Recordings 7·2010
VA Unreleased Highlights 002

Unreleaesd Highlights, in their habitual V. A. format, returns with a second issue which becomes Flumo Recordings 014. Some hidden treasures by some of the liveliest artists in Flumo factory.

Spanish team TWICE open this new can with their ‘Apendic’. A piece with their usual flavour in their deep essence pointing towards a timeless modernism, easy to define but difficult indeed to capture. These Sevillians go ahead making themselves outstand. Shortly they will have their tracks released by labels Hypercolour and Nordik Net.

Each of El Txef A’s creative appearances are praised widely. Best last example is this incredible ‘Gold Daytona’. Exquisite from the beginning to the end, it has extremely warm R&B backing vocals used as tapestry to develop a ‘speaked’ funky soul of brilliant, raw, deep house nature. Powerful labels Hypercolour and Factor City will be the next to release the artist’s last creations, so we will stay tuned.

V-Sexion keeps his progress and has released tracks for recognized labels such as Catwash, Safari Electronique, Suchtreflex or Remote Area. The Athenian presents this supercool ‘Dee Ai’, a captivatingly eccentric track with a b-side soul.

Pedramovich makes his superb appearance in Flumo Recordings catalogue after having edited in Wall of Sound, Hypercolour or Four:Twenty among other labels, which is quite a start. This seductive We Being Classy Now’  means addictive groove of the smartest kind for his debut in this house.

VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005
FLM025 Flumo Netlabel 6·2008
VA Laboratorio Demensional

It is really beautiful to conciously attend the birth of any piece of communitary art if you are asked to become part of it. Even more if the one who asks you is devoted to a mayor project truly important, a part of a whole which is called Flumo, something much more important of what we think.

Generous is this “Laboratorio Demensional” as it is full of superb tracks characterized –to me, quite– by heterogeneity. Each of the tracks is on its own, and slowly they play, talk, process and participate of a lot of styles, textures and harmonies.

Perfect for listening to it in just one go, as you never got tired of its lexical/electronic richness together with its familiar phonetics. Thus, is quite certain that this test tube #25 of multi-style alchemy produced by so different artists will allow us to participate of so many dimensions as number of tracks are included.

Laboratorio Dimensional is a valuable electronic compilation evoking such good emotions! It is quite probable that this reference turns into a hit essential to Flumo history, as in my opinion reaches a delicate maturity full of the contemporaneity we need, and all this thanks to a powerful engine: PASSION

Djing or Fluming?… I have been always and unconsciously fluming because Flumo flows naturally and elegantly just as good people do.

Text by Aitor Palomo

VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005
FLR000 Flumo Recordings 12·2007
VA Flumo Unmixed Edition 001

From Flumo, after two years as a net label and informative platform working with artists of different nationalities, have compiled this double CD with 24 unreleased tracks to further develop musical creativity in our wide but personal vision of electronic music.

In the Cd 1, Infinite Deep, we find the reflection of an extensive stylistic vision shared asthread depth projected into deep contemporary modernism from the assimilation of the classics.

Future Groove is the name of Cd 2. On this record the coordinates in that frame, butvariable in terms of nuances and interpretations are directed towards the sounds that are developed properly in the dance floor.

Flumo Unmixed Edition 001 is co.producido Flumo and Tarifa by and between thetracklisting Records artists are scattered around the world include: Glimpse, Theodor Zox,Remute, Tom Ellis, Misc, The Txef_A, Daryl Jackson Black, V. Rotz, Jussi Pekka, MikaelStravostrand or Alejandro Lopez ..

This release of Flumo Unmixed Edition 001 will have a promotional tour in 2008 throughout the Spanish territory, as well as for some countries like England, Portugal and Germany

The double CD Flumo Unmixed Edition 001 is available at: Tarifa Records, in all FNACstores in Spain and in specialty stores. In digital format Flumo Unmixed Edition 001 can be found at www.beatport.com

VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005
FLD010 Fluidos 4·2007
VA Diez + Uno

Lately we have observed how the musical revolution because of/thanks to internet was affecting us all somehow. New ways of expression arised thanks to the software and that room-electronic which, besides the proliferation of new artists, gave way to new record labels, which played with digital format creating netlabels.

Flumo has been one of those netlabels with a wider national exposure in the last years. Bit by bit the label reached up to fifteen referencas with Spanish and international artists, and on the other side, the sublabel Fluidos, focused in electronic (and not so) musics out of the major label dynamic- was created with the staff’s favorable reception.

Artists such as Aalms, Edmulsion, Frijul, or Sovitz from Madrid -among many others- are part of a new group compiled by Fluidos, which will try to grow with all these sometimes unclassified- bizarre, sometimes danceable, sometimes musing, but always full of personality. El_Txef_A, blessed by Traxx magazine, and Metamorphobia has been the latest to join our little family, and on this occasion will hear them all in a compilation while we wait for their new EP's.

VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005
FLM010 Flumo Netlabel 9·2006
VA Tremenditud

After more than a year of involvement with the international electronic scene, Flumo now offers a new compilation for our tenth net release, in which numerous top performers have provided input. This commemorative release is also a way for us to thank all those who have worked in one way or another with Flumo, a pioneering Net Label in our country.

Flumo contributes to and is well aware of the growing significance of Net Label culture, revealing the work of major artists and encouraging more relations between them. This time we, or rather, these artists, increasingly linked to Net Label culture, have decided to go all out. The 16 tracks that make up the Tremenditud Flumo 010 Compilation are signed by:

Pheek (Canada), SebastianRussell (UK), Dieb(Germany), PabloAkaros (Spain), Paper(Spain), Lektrono (Spain), V.Rotz (Spain), Wego(Spain), Dataman (Russia), Denis Karimani (Germany), BrightLight (Denmark), Blanali (Colombia), Ekkohaus (Greece), Jackson Black (Japan/USA), Lofi-Rockers (Spain), Brian Kage (USA), Etiop (Poland), Aquarell (Germany)

VA - Unreleased Highlights 001 | Flumo Recordings | FLR005
FLM000 Flumo Netlabel 1·2006
VA Deformación Profesional

English version no available.

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