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VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020

Seville's label Flumo celebrates its first five years with reference number 20. A very special reference, which closes a really productive stage for the label and many artists, some of them a sure commitment for Flumo, having produced excellent stuff with the label, and they had now become referents in electronic music worldwide – Glimpse, Tom Demac, El_Txef_A, Dave DK, Dixie Yure, Ekkohaus, Chris Lattner, Ezequiel Sanchez, Alland Byallo, V.Sexion.

To feast this anniversary, Flumo brings a compilation containing 18 tracks from all its catalogue, embodying a monograph of club music as it is understood by this sevillian label.

"FLUMO 5 YEARS COMPILATION" contains brushstrokes of various styles and genres, chosen with care and concern from over dozens of references published by the label so far. Sometimes, Chicago's legacy blossoms –tracks by Tom Demac, El Txef A, Daniel Kyo, or Nicson- or render a jazzie character, as it is shown in works by V.Rotz, Ekkohaus, Ezequiel Sanchez, Jazzler, TWICE,or V.Sexion.

There is also room for newest acid house –Chris Lattner-, deeptechno –Dave DK & Holger Ziske, Ntanos , Glimpse, Alex Jones or -Ludwig Coenen- and pure delicious electronic, Dixie Yure.

A compendium which ends a cycle stating in the same way: with a compilatory work defining the bases and objectives of a label always looking for challenges to offer. And this is precisely what has maintained Flumo in the limelight these years.

FLR020 | 22 Mar 2011

5 Years of Flumo



Tom Demac - Head Into The Murk

7:31 min


El_Txef_A - Gold Daytona

7:23 min


Zumo - Strictly Rhythm (Chris Lattner Remix)

7:17 min


Jazzler Aka Dixie Yure - It's So Fine

7:46 min


Jazzler Aka Dixie Yure - She Has (El_Txef_A Remix)

6:01 min


Ntanos - Let It Fade (Ekkohaus Remix)

7:04 min


Wego - El Swing Virtual (Holger Zilske & Dave DK Swingo Remix)

6:26 min


Theodor Zox - Shine (Ezequiel Sánchez Remix)

6:47 min


Ntanos - Mokoslokos

7:45 min


T.W.I.C.E. - Apendic

6:53 min


Dixie Yure - Mum Roll

7:19 min


Ludwig Coenen - Les Crêpes (Alland Byallo Remix)

8:20 min


V.Sexion - SM Glitch

6:27 min


Markus Newton - Swim (Daniel Kyo Remix)

7:22 min


Daniel D. Curtis - Pattern 1 (V.Rotz Remix)

9:29 min


Drunkat! - Av Verde (Glimpse Remix)

7:53 min


T.W.I.C.E. - Back To Basic (Alex Jones Remix)

7:50 min


Nicson - Vincent

7:58 min

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VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR045 Flumo Recordings 2·2014
VA Unreleased Highlights 004


Flumo Recordings starts the new year after the goldrush of our last release - Chocky “The Supplier EP”, the wax of which was extremely collectable thanks to its beautiful artwork. Unreleased Highlights is the fourth edition of the series, predicting a year in which we will have to follow closely the Spanish label based in London.

Opening this selection of jewels we discover ‘Simple’, a track by Nicson featuring the smooth vocals of Dixie Yure. This collaboration gets an A+ with, flawless deep house full of details in the arrangements, and a restrained funk, all marked by a sparkling and addictive groove.

‘Anu Davai’ by Alland Byallo is another gem in this special Flumo release. The delicious density of the track shows off Alland’s skills. Energetic, and extremely elegant.
We applaud the new work by Chocky and his particular ability to capture the essential soul in its purest state. Dub of the deepest frequency with the tidy and chilled warm-up number ‘Seek Deep’.

It’s also a pleasure to include Kasper on this fourth volume in the series . The capo of Esperanza Records shares ‘Lndn’, a rhythmic programming with the old fashioned scent of pure American tech funk. However, what could be an expected exercise in drums rhythm becomes instead a piece full of melodies and sound shades that transport our minds to a techno initiation ritual on a beach on Avatar’s Pandora.

Next up, is ‘My Babe is so Funk’ by Dixie Yure, a track full of sensuality and elegance. Crystal source of 90’s deep house feed a track soaked in soul and funk, with an exquisite bass line. An instant classic for our catalogue. Superb.

To crown this tiara there’s a gem from genius Tom Ellis. His ‘First Things First’ is unclassifiable. Minimal sketching and maximal dramatic tension, chamber music for the club scene, superb!

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR055 Flumo Recordings 6·2013
VA FLCD003 Very Very Beast Deluxe Ed.
We wanted to create for you a special package of 17 of the best Flumo tracks, that all had a significant impact on the label's history. This release will be available exclusively on Itunes and will feature standout names such as Jussy Pekka, Ekkohaus, Vadim Svoboda, Alex Jones, Cosmic Cowboys and Tom Ellis, among many others.
VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR050 Flumo Recordings 4·2013
VA FLCD002 Very Very Beast 2012

We have put together for you a nice package of tracks that really made an impression on us during 2012, featuring standout artist such as Tim GreenChockyVadimSvobodaMark Chambers,T.W.I.C.E and many more

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR045 Flumo Recordings 2·2013
VA Unreleased Highlights 004
VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR405 Flumo Recordings 2·2013
VA Dot Colour Series Purple

With a recently ended 2012, with so many landmarks for the label career, Flumo starts this 2013 launching again its Dot Colour Series -samplers which reach their issue number 3- plus the label 40.5 release. This time, purple as flag, Flumo brings five artists’ semi-debuts: Cossano, Duky, Joe Europe, Nicholas Deca, and Stripe, all of them with a promising future, based on the quality and depth of their works. A whole lot which offers a joyful walk throughout the hidden places of House.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR355 Flumo Recordings 7·2012
VA Dot Colour Series Pink

Flumo gets back in its old ways, no matter how many blissful digitalizations remain behind. 'Pink' Dot Colour Series could be acquired and enjoyed in a vinyl format. Three bastions and banners of our label sign this work. A captivating piece unveiling the summertimer, where Sonar sets a crucial place.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR034 Flumo Recordings 5·2012
T.W.I.C.E. Black Out Ep

T.W.I.C.E come back to Flumo, a editorial house which has them as one of its biggest references, as the label’s life and T.W.I.C.E’s musical concept are inseparable.

This one, their third reference in the label, the team formed by V.Rotz and Photoclick, straddling between London and Seville, is back to present a pointy trident of tracks that dive into the hollow depth with this release.

Required by labels such as My Favourite Robot, Akbal Music, or Fiakun, T.W.I.C.E. had gained international acknowledgement in the scene with a formula based on the mixing of elements and classic benchmarks filtered through modernity.

Proof of this is the piece which opens the release, “Timeless”, eight minutes of sideral music adopting Techno’s depth as a shell, but hiding the beat of the best Chicago underground House, exploding after becoming absorbed in an abyss of layers and layers of electronic sounds.

The second piece, “Miss My Pants” is a Deep House old school treaty, a track with a narcotic bass drum, a sharp, cutting bass, a multiple details quite characteristic of T.W.I.C.E.: top class synthetic Funk which combines wisely daydreaming melodies and latent darkness in the form with flows of sensuality in the content.

Finally, “Sweet Lover” is, as its title suggest, the sweetest track in this release. A piece which starts with Dub echoes and presents the melody– minimalist, hypnotic, suggestive- a matter of state. Along its nine minutes, Sweet Lover” evolves, mutates, and examines itself while maintaining its pulse: hurting deepness, beating sexuality, calm tempo, infinite echoes, voices from the beyond.

A sweet release which will make T.W.I.C.E.’s legend even bigger in and out, consolidating the sound of one of the essential teams in Spanish electronic music, maintaining Flumo in the privileged position gained after the last references.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR032 Flumo Recordings 3·2012
Zumo Funk It Up EP

We're back and celebrating that chaps Si O'Connor y Phil Kallitsakis, are back to bring us a humid and nutritious work, from their project Zumo, which makes the third EP in our catalogue.

'Funk It Like Me' opens fire boldly. This is a burst of mighty groove, that without any complex scaffoldings, hits right in the middle of a dancefloor, which will crumble, surely, to this accurate and well-aimed display of raw funk and addictive ingredients.

With 'Four Voice Feeling' the finish this second round, where the leading hedonism emanating from the first drop, immediately becomes a success guarantee. A piece as irreverent as seductive. Controlled and controlling, its tension, starring by the amazing bassline and vocals, leaves the acid and its hypnotic melodies, in recommended doses, to complete such irresistible proposal.

T.W.I.C.E pops again, in this his house, after having shown amazing works –honorable mention to his widely clapped'Against Nature' in great label My Favorite Robot -; his eagerly awaited EP is on the way. His deconstruction of 'Funk It Like Me' results in a remix where some of his master abilities characterizing his personality gleam from that creative subtlety which spills neurons and slides hips with a simple and striking easiness.

Jaeb is in charge of completing this fascinating EP. His remake of 'Funk It Like Me' is a piece of nice tech-house which, drinking from some of the genre sources, crystallizes in his personal vision of it.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR305 Flumo Recordings 2·2012
VA Dot Colour Series Brown
VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR030 Flumo Recordings 2·2012
VA 2011 Very Very Beast

Pol_On, Tom Demac, El_Txef_A, T.W.I.C.E., Santos Resiak, Alex Arnout, Ezequiel Sánchez, Whim-ee, Fiakun Team, DeadEcho, Zumo, Kaarel & V- Sexion :::

It’s true that we are not much frontier-friendly, but we are future-lovers indeed. For this very reason, the best way to dive into this fruitful 2011 is to halt a little bit in this compilation we’d like to offer you.

Some of the greatest and applauded tracks of the extinct though celebrated 2011 which brought us real sonic jewels. A time-honoured past with halos lurking among vast, creative spectrum in pursuit of a danceable type of music characterized by its soul touch.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLM030 Flumo Netlabel 12·2011
Jazzler aka Dixie Yure Studio Takes LP



01 Jazzler aka Dixie Yure - Pineaple Sex Is No Jedi Way
02 Jazzler aka Dixie Yure - Up To 4.5
03 Jazzler aka Dixie Yure - Three Girls To Lordbuzz
04 Jazzler aka Dixie Yure - U.S.T.
05 Jazzler aka Dixie Yure - Go Back
06 Jazzler aka Dixie Yure - La Mirada de Uri
07 Jazzler aka Dixie Yure - I Saw Her
08 Jazzler aka Dixie Yure - H Lover
09 Jazzler aka Dixie Yure - Bla Bla Her
10 Jazzler aka Dixie Yure - Superverde

Flumo puts an end to its course as Net Label in order to continue its labor with labels Flumo Recordings and Flumo Limited. After 6 years of career as one of the pioneer Net Label platforms, spreading music avant-garde contents. We’ll like to celebrate it with all of you, who followed and supported this enterprise starting with the spark which later on was Flumo Net Label. The best way to do it is to make you a present: the free download of this ‘Studio Takes LP’ by great and unclassifiable Jazzler aka Dixie Yure.

Jazzler is the pseudonym of Dixie Yure himself, who collects appearances in labels such as Flumo Recordings, Nordik Net, Galaktica Records or mighty Fenou from which he has nurtured a good deal of hard drives of more than one big fish within electronic danceable music.

‘Studio Takes LP’ is not a common album. It is an exquisite collection of studio stuff that good ol’ Jazzler let us to rescue for your pure satisfaction. Here you will find multifarious exercises of style coming from his refined, refreshing, freak, and risky palette.

Enjoy this present introduced by the author of ‘Beth & The Gamma Ray Fields’, among other essentials ¡! ... Martian B- deep, cosmic samba with legendary hues, smarty idle minimal, open camera soul tech, houzy funk of cozy sofa, or suburban synth-funk are some of the flavors in the holograms made by this magician of sound invocation.

Oh! we almost forget that Jazzler’s name comes from the blending of the words which refer to the superb musical genre and the nickname Dazzler, chosen my mutant Alison Blaire to join Marvel X-Men... somewhere in the 130 chapter circa 1980. The ability of generating light with sounds was one of her super powers.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR028 Flumo Recordings 12·2011
VA Unreleased Highlights Vol. 3

If there is a saga within Flumo Recordings which both treasures the facts of being a declaration of principles and an entrance door to this house, that is no doubt Unreleased Highlights. Through it, label main assets like Jazzler aka Dixie Yure, T.W.I.C.E. or El_Txef_A have passed.

Paul Loraine, sharing woks with Tale of Us, Funk D ́Void or Robert Owens, is an artist who undeniably has manifested his talent in this ‘Smile’. Intimate and evocative, from a heterodox minimalism, winks at a deep house of thick but subtle atmosphere.

Stride, to whom we also give a warm welcome, is one of the artists who let a great deal of his savoir faire in labels such as Remote or Selected Works. His alluring ‘S’Bend’ is a hypnotic piece where self-controlled dramatism blooms in splendor.

‘Almonds’ is the track signed by Chamboche, who has worked for shiny labels such as Needwant, Under the Shade or Zombie Soundsystem, though it is his first appearance in Flumo Recordings. Unclassifiable and riveting in his style and his surprising mark.

The fourth gem is ‘Eve Court Sunday’ by Ittestsu, Nicson (T.W.I.C.E.) and Maik Yells. Hitherto unknown triumvirate whose biggest sin is the exquisite timelessness of their quasi-utopian work.

‘Forest my Forest’ brings the essence and transparency of those qualities which make a song great. This is true techno, properly. This time Vlad Malinovsky is the author, and we, the grateful patrons.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR025 Flumo Recordings 10·2011
T.W.I.C.E. Sad Song


Flumoʼs saga new release comes from this lab in the form of a cloud wandering among Seville and London. Be ready to enjoy in a superlative way as T.W.I.C.E. come back to their bastion position.

T.W.I.C.E. are living a sweet moment which is perfectly visible in their las two EPs for Raw Cutz and Fiakun, two labels with an important international projection.

ʻSad Songʼ becomes the angular stone in this work. Melancholic robotic instincts seems to capture the silence essence in order to mould it for a suggestive dance of synthetic unpredictability. Romanticism of a B movie transformed into a magnificent one, the kind we are accustomed to receive from their hands.

Miguel Puente is an artist who had already our respect due to his –more than– interesting debut contributions for Digital Delight and Sultry Vibes, Underground standard-bearers. We may also mention their acclaimed appearances in famous N0.19. Miguel Puente relishes in this remake of sublime psychedelic electro funk made for the future, indeed.

Alex James, part of the exclusive team of the Composite family, bring us an irreverent and addictive remix, focusing on the central dancefloor as the infallible target. Among his weapons, a hypnotic bassline and a somehow harsh, subterranean vocals contrasting the irrepressible groove.

Completing this EP we find ʻSmooth Songʼ, a surprising, brilliant, intimate piece of techno soul. If some hits could talk they probably would refer to these moors of unfathomable destiny.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLTD002 Flumo Limited 9·2011
Jazzler aka Dixie Yure Beth & The Gamma Ray Fields



Celebration days at Flumo. We are introducing the second reference of Flumo Limited, both in digital and vinyl formats, so the stars are aligned showing us the way... Everything makes sense thanks to Dixie Yure, who under the pseudonym has just created a warm, sexual, organic deep-house jewel. Top class. Thus, though not yet published, it usually opens Watergate’s sessions, and makes people who listen to it to ask every dj for it. Indeed it sounds great, with a powerful bassline that grips you from the very first moment: lot of class and future. The evocative atmosphere, sunny and sensual... the voices... and all those little but important details in delicious windy and guitar samples, end up with a music stuck in your mind.

Canadian James Teej joins the party with a sublime remix, bringing a piece which almost doubles the original’s length. The extra-energy comes from a bathing in the best Detroit house, a glorious keyboard inviting to a cosmic trip. Now we have just wait for their next illuminations so they can bring essentials as these.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR023 Flumo Recordings 8·2011
V.Sexion Boogie Secret




From the youngster, but old friend Vasillis Pallas, musically known as V- Sexion, comes this new reference for Flumo Recordings. The artistʼs savoir faire comes from reputable labors in very important clubbing labels, such as Safari Electronique, Diaphan Records, Catwash Records, Time Has Changed, Suchtreflex Records, or Area Remote, among others.

Without further delay we shot fire with ʻBoogie Secretʼ. Bullets necessarily pointing to a dancefloor which will came to life after the smart shooting. Tech-funk with tribal seasoning and a superb bass line, in perfect matching with a heavy acid groove, are the ammunition of our mighty Athenian sniper. Quite evocative is the modernist and haunting ʻShoutʼ. Works of the finest trade surrounds this calling which could be perfectly part of the solemn battle among sonic arts where the drums, more than warrior-like, resound unrestrained, very far from convention and confinement.

Our friend Vasillis seems ready, to our pleasure, to create the reveries of a lost civilization like ancient Atlantis. You might tell by the delicious ʻReactʼ. A majestic and soft present of underwater dub. Sunglasses are included in this enjoyable diving.

Gauzy and minimal in the tailoring of its components, but at the same time super elegant and addictive in its formats, is the ʻDom Domʼ remix by Ezequiel Sánchez, author of masterpieces for Shitkatapult, Flumo Limited, or Nordik Net.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR021 Flumo Recordings 4·2011
T.W.I.C.E. Time to Freak
¡¡Charted by Varoslav, Jim Rivers, Tim Green!!

Eagerly awaited, T.W.I.C.E return to their original label, where magnificent creations such as ‘Apendic’ or incombustible ‘Back to Basic’ –soundtrack in clubs worldwide- were manufactured.

Coming soon, next releases that T.W.I.C.E has prepared for Save You Records, with mighty label Raw Cutz, and Fiakun’s third reference, been this one of the labels with greater scope, and having two number ones with its first references in WhatPeoplePlay.

Elegance and know-how of Ekkohaus are both highly appreciated not just in this label, which is his home, but also in the vaste list of hip labels where his works appear. This precise remix take us immediately to that quintessence where, like in sacred days, tecno expanded as the best-futuristic path of galactic connection.

‘Time to Freak’ the original, futher from extra considerations and comparatives, is a genuine jewel of funk goldsmithing, with brilliant inlays full of pure soul beams. As hypnotic as calmed, and as cheeky as memorable. A ray of geniality absolutely timeless. Impressive.

Debut at Flumo catalogue of Santos Resiak, and what a start, you may tell. After editting at Inmigrant, Apparel Music or Airdrop Records, among others, we are pleased to have his remake of ‘Time to Freak’. An bass-acid-funk bomb which creates in its ascending line a delicious amalgam of techno, disco, and soul. Equally glorious is the descendant stream he offers, taking us to a fantastic end, where acid happily surrenders to the piano which cocoons it, to lay it in its deep cradle.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR019 Flumo Recordings 2·2011
Zumo All Night Long EP

Here we are again, seduced by Zumo’s proposal, so noone better than they to continue enriching the already nurtured and always nurturing Flumo Recordings catalogue. The Brit pair present ‘All Night Long EP’, which comes together with luxurious remixes by  Ludwig Coenen and Robert Cashin.

Unbeatable with their ‘Let’s get it on’, track of technoid essence with an hypnotic flirtation. A raw and powerful bassline, where acid and percussions craddled in the electro are the protagonists of this mighty projectile weapon having the shape of a sonic tool.

‘Morning Sun’ is a piece with high doses with high dosage sweetness and strong daydreaming sconnotations. Landscape deep, perfect for the early hours, as the title suggest; both the awakening or the eve of an encounter with Morpheus, after an intense evening.

Ludwig Coenen is already an old chap of us, after some impressive signings for this label. After working for Highgrade, Toughtless Music or Inmigrant, he brings his reinterpretation of ‘Let’s get it on’ under a light where a refined tech-house is always the sure thing.

The icing of this luscious cake is the other remake of ‘Let’s get it on’, this time by Robert Cashin. The Cardiff man has caused great excitement with the first reference for Losin Sucki, sublabel of Hypercolour. In this remix we enjoy his dish of cosmic bakery, mellow groove… tempting mouthful.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR018 Flumo Recordings 12·2010
Jazzler aka Dixie Yure She Has EP

Without any apparent reason strange mutations begin to appear at Flumo Recordings catalogue, making us dance more than think of changes in the genetic structure, affecting some of the saga's members.

Cheered and widely supported was the recent entry of Nicson with his impeccable ‘Strip Me Out EP’. Get ready to enjoy as naughty fairies the hologram shaped brought by mighty Jazzler in ‘She Has EP’. The reference gets complete with a remix from Basque Country's goldsmith El Txef_A.

Besides Jazzler no other than Mr. Dixie Yure is the artisan of this succulent and exquisitely spiced EP. A Dixie Yure who already appeared in labels such as Flumo Recordings, Nordik Net or mighty Fenou, from which he has nurtured a handful of hard drives from the biggest figures in danceable electronic.

She Has’ is the central theme of this EP. Powerful synth-funk of continuous beats well seasoned with translucent but savory vocals. Honorable mention to its main floor bassline for playful and slippery sneakers.

El_Txef_A signs his reinterpretation of ‘She Has’ stressing with the skill of a master its house warmth, as the original suggested. With a refined and punctilious production, he works within the avant-garde with an old school eye. Its clapping, its analogic elegant piano, and the crescendo pads, all gain protagonism in orther to sweeten vocals and rhythmic cadence. House-brand delicacy.

It’s so fine’ is an alluring and intimate piece of minimal but masterly atmospheric & melodic cushions. With a fabulous bass line projection some superb voices such as the Martians Freak Coffee Brothers' ones. A non-existen vocalic team that  Jazzler achieves to bring to imagination.

As perfect end, closing this excellent Ep, “Cloudy Summer Night”. With a timeless soul and meticulous presentation, it shows a contrast among its atmosphere of cosmic beauty melodies and its percussion structure clearly inspired on techno, where surprising jazzistic touches seem to fit to perfection.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR017 Flumo Recordings 10·2010
Nicson Strip Me Out


We are pleased to welcome the appearance of Nicson to our label who offers us this ‘Stripe Me Out EP’, no doubt is a precious declaration of principles just by the quality of its flirtatious, intimate, and flawless sound. Accompanied by the remixes of Andrew Grant and Oren Bi, who clearly outstood this year due to their stylish coordinates and personality in their artistic career.

‘Vincent’ opens this ‘Stripe Me Out EP’, with a low tempo groove of amazing definition. Percussions of an old sweetness, atmospheric mini pads, and vocal plays of deep essence which make of this track a tech-house loopy tool which emanates elegance and inaugurates the hottest moment in the main floor.

Andrew Grant who, from Barraca Music among other labels, seems accustomed to sign works full of subtleties, and celebrated re-constructions of style. His remake of Su ‘Vincent’ opens up with a more profound sound where deep, techno and IDM go together in this fine, refreshing, and evocative ‘Andrew Grant Beach Bungalo Mix’.

‘Naked Me’ is a wise funky tech-house exercise. Hypnotic, sexy, eccentric and groovy in its just dose. With a pretty analogic sound, a careful network of harmonics, plus an addictive bass line which make of it an inviting intro to the best Nicson Fu*k Houzy Tech Sound ¡!

Oren Bi, don’t stop and a good proof of this are their last works for Neovinyl or Cray1 Digital Works. From their homeland Basque Country they convey a majestic interpretation of ‘Naked Me’, so deliciously danceable as deep-ly irresistible.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR016 Flumo Recordings 9·2010
Daniel D. Curtis Falling EP


Greatly welcomed in our Flumo Recordings catalogue the debut of this young artist who, no doubt about it, will trigger hearts attacks with his personal creations.

Daniel D.Curtis is a pseudo-beginner siring sonorous landscapes. His label, Playtracks also deserves special mention: settled in Germany, it treasures a catalogue for dancefloor electronic lovers, both elevated and subterranean essences. Playtracks 007 is a grandiose gem which bears his name.

Opening this Falling EP we found Pattern 1. Cosmic acid seems to be the carpet where the composition spreads into a deliciously irreverent exercise of playful freak tech soul. For us, it is something unbeatable, just to squeeze the main floor towards a sideral boiling point.

Blacksheep on Greengrass is an atmopheric, hypnotic track where Daniel masterly rounds the sounds, which by his touch, grow in the musical unconscious since the holy trinity of Detroit started everything. Timelessness takes a walk or it is smoked by our lucky, long black haired friends... High Tech Bomb!!

V.Rotz is in charge of remodelling Pattern 1, and we are so glad for it. He continues his rocket-like shot to the top for labels such as Nordik Net, Flumo Recordings and Neovinyl; and at the same time he prepares some stuff for Inmigrant, Diaphan and Losing Sucki (a sublabel of mighty Hypercolour). In his neat remake, coordinates turn to a un tech funk of addictive tempo where acid and bass fuse to let pads and keyboards paint an irresitible atmosphere.

Photoclick is that brilliant unclassifiable artist who has already worked for labels such as Miga, Fluidos, Flumo Recordings or Nordik Net, among others. In his remix of Pattern 1, even respecting the original essence and elements, he attains to put it close to a futurist deep-house where the groove slides softly. Caramelizing acid without cooking it.

Daniel D. Curtis, as it could not be otherway, seals this EP with a masterpiece of cosmic embroidery electronic so danceable or floatable. Is in this track where his broken soul dub transubstantiates into a magic frequencies oscillator, this simply majestical Radio Junky.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR015 Flumo Recordings 9·2010
V.Sexion Lift Ya EP

Vassilis Pallas a.k.a. V.Sexion is the authorof reference 15 for Flumo Recordings. This artist has appeared occasionally in our catalogue, showing enough skills to round and roll this fabulous ‘Lift Ya EP’.

His savoir faire is backed by his great jobs for quite important labels within the clubbing scene: Siteholder Records (Chicago), Safari Electronique (U.K), Diaphan Records (Germany), Catwash Records (France),Time Has Changed (France), Suchtreflex Records (Germany), Rythmetic Records (Greece), collaboration in Second 8bit Reasons mixed by Gorge and Percusa Records (Germany), are some of his highlights. Check this out and enjoy this ‘Lift Ya EP’.
Opening this issue we find ‘Sm Glitch’, so deliciously tasty and delicate as an after-eight chocolate right from the fridge. Deepish and elegant with a jazzy touch very welcomed in such an exquisite bite.

Lift Ya’ is track also naming the EP, because it’s worthy. Right from the beginning creates an atmospheric combination pads and drums which makes us wonder how appetizing and unpredictable could be the scene in the lift where the luscious babe with red lips talks about some jacuzzi groove.

Too difficult to choose one, but our fav could be ‘Narkosa’. Deep key of sedative cushions with some vocals suggesting scenic drama once again. There are songs that seem to jump unexpectedly into the unconscious, and ‘Narkosa’ belongs with this kind. Stimulating narcotization by our alchemist Vassilis Pallas

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR014 Flumo Recordings 7·2010
VA Unreleased Highlights 002

Unreleaesd Highlights, in their habitual V. A. format, returns with a second issue which becomes Flumo Recordings 014. Some hidden treasures by some of the liveliest artists in Flumo factory.

Spanish team TWICE open this new can with their ‘Apendic’. A piece with their usual flavour in their deep essence pointing towards a timeless modernism, easy to define but difficult indeed to capture. These Sevillians go ahead making themselves outstand. Shortly they will have their tracks released by labels Hypercolour and Nordik Net.

Each of El Txef A’s creative appearances are praised widely. Best last example is this incredible ‘Gold Daytona’. Exquisite from the beginning to the end, it has extremely warm R&B backing vocals used as tapestry to develop a ‘speaked’ funky soul of brilliant, raw, deep house nature. Powerful labels Hypercolour and Factor City will be the next to release the artist’s last creations, so we will stay tuned.

V-Sexion keeps his progress and has released tracks for recognized labels such as Catwash, Safari Electronique, Suchtreflex or Remote Area. The Athenian presents this supercool ‘Dee Ai’, a captivatingly eccentric track with a b-side soul.

Pedramovich makes his superb appearance in Flumo Recordings catalogue after having edited in Wall of Sound, Hypercolour or Four:Twenty among other labels, which is quite a start. This seductive We Being Classy Now’  means addictive groove of the smartest kind for his debut in this house.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR013 Flumo Recordings 5·2010
Tom Demac Sitting On Old Petals EP

Long awaited this ‘Sitting On Old Petals EP’ by Tom Demac, completing reference 013 of Flumo Recordings catalogue. Tom Demac’s presence continues gaining strength as time passes, and the best proof for that are his praised works for two of the most bustling labels nowdays, Liebe Detail and Crosstown Rebels.

‘Bush Break Fiasco’ is the main track of this EP introduced by the Welsh alchemist. Tom Demac is framing such a personal, always evocative style full delicious ascendent pads, old-flavor bass and percussions and sensual, fitting vocals. Contrast which shape a deep where maybe house music prevails, showing masterly a fusion of influences creating a captivating atmosphere.

Ezequiel Sánchez keeps rising, as his acclaimed tracks and remixes for Nordik Net Records and Flumo Recordings demonstrate. His last job, a superb remix for the legendary label Shitkatapult. This remix is co-produced with Chembass, a young producer who is leaving an important testimony to labels such as Nordik Net, Deep Data or Amoeba. His remake of ‘Bush Break Fiasco’ is an elegant exercise of minimal house maintaining the soul of the original source, while creating a progressive and toasty groove as addictive as brilliantly crafted.

Tom Demac closes this EP with ‘Head First Into The Murk’, where we find another electronic jewel, suiting best a terrace than a lounge. Its approximation to darkness ends up being shockingly lambent and colourful, especially when its textures of delicate old school delight us with a piece combining soul, funk, and disco music. Inevitably seductive and ravishing.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR012 Flumo Recordings 4·2010
Zumo Organic EP

Greatly welcomed Si O'Connor & Sakis coming to Flumo Recordings team, both artists are aka Zumo. Their recient ‘Warped Warehouse Remix’ of Frankie Flowers in ‘It’s Funk, It’s House’ for Hypercolour has gained acknowledgement of names such as: Steve Lawler, Clive Henry, Afrilounge, Boris Werner, Guy Gerber, Jussi Pekka, Ekkohaus or Varoslav.

Zumo presents ‘Treetops’ opening this ‘Organic EP’. Houzy soul roots in an hypnotic crescendo as lucid as mesmerising addictive, intense and moist; pure club juice.

Si O’Connor & Sakis rest their tempo in ‘Serene’ giving a step forward for the classic and the timeless to be (re)united. West-coast-style deep with powerful rhythmic bases molding the vocals which harmonize perfectly with the dramatic density, archetypal in their works.

Impressive their ‘Strictly Rhythm’. If  rawness, extravaganza, HOUSE (with capitals) and funk in an organic mood may be mixed, we are not sure. But it is possible to synthesize all that within a track, as it is here shown by this acid pair.

Chris Lattner has become one of the most admired pop-up artists in our days, supported by the underground house elite. With his remake of ‘Strictly Rhythm’, he proves no doubt he is as fit as ever. He combines infectious groove, acid and deep hose in a simply irresistible way.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR011 Flumo Recordings 3·2010
Ntanos Let It Fade EP

Athenian Ntanos is the man who opens the following releases decade of the celebrated Flumo Recordings saga. After signing works for Sweetleaf, Pink Silver or Siteholder, he protagonizes this super suggestive ‘Let it Fade EP’.

Within the EP we find this title-homonimous ‘Let it fade’, where the basis of his fine sound are established. That is, a balanced though playful rhythmic, hedonist sensuality in the vocal arrangements, and a groove slightly iced with a superb jazzy-funky houze.

Ekkohaus is an old friend in the house, and in this connection with Hellenic lands his musical savoir-faire had to be present. Well known and praised in the underground scene, he leaves us a topping remix. Going sweetly into a deep house where the jazzistic touch fits wonderfully the bass line and the fresh composition. A luxury many can’t afford.

Zumo are a sincerely welcomed newcomers to Flumo factory. Their remake of  ‘Let it fade’ is a delicious cake. Modulation and elegance, it is as deep-like as danceable.

‘Lets begin with’ is the second cut by Ntanos, which maintains his excellent credentials while presenting an intimate house brimful of good taste and subtlety in its careful composition. Exclusive brand.

‘Mokoslokos’ is a piece that, far from easy parameters, invites us to a funk share that emanates both from house music and break tempon seasoned with spicy vocals. A truly explosive avantgarde dish.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR010 Flumo Recordings 2·2010
Markus Newton Mocean EP

Out now Flumo Recordings 010, with Markus Newton signing this ‘Mocean EP’. After his smart collaborations in two V.A. references by Flumo recordings, this man from  Hamburg protagonizes this suggestive work accompanied by three remixes quite able to atomize chronos in this world and beyond.
Swim’ is like a delicious dip perfect to refresh ourselves in our way to any transoceanic dancefloor. Its bass line make us float to enjoy a bubbly bath of pure deep tech-house.

Daniel Kyo (Plastic City/Wallshaker/Noir) continues his praised progression, bringing a breath-taking remake where old school house springs everywhere. A resounding bass accompanied by classic, delicious drums model a track where the synthetic and the robotic mix in the appropriate dose to evoke the best Detroit sound.

Tom Ellis (Telegraph/Trimsound) ‘Swim’ remake that brims with minimal funny funk, finest sort. The vocal treatment creates a hypnotic atmosphere -due to its masterly percussion tricks- able to burn even too demanding hips and boilers.

Dixie Yure (Flumo/Nordik) reconstructs this ‘Swim’ with an hybrid baton both orchestral and magical, which harmonizes the multiplicity of sonic figures filtered in his personal musicography, dexterously balanced among the visionaire and the retrospective.
Markus Newton with his ‘Automotion’ caps it all with a desert filled of Chicago vibes and glazed with the most lysergic SF taste. Ready trip and alchemy guaranteed... Enjoy!!

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR009 Flumo Recordings 1·2010
T.W.I.C.E. Back To Basic

Flumo Recordings continues promoting electronic dance music arising from its particular vision where underground is the unique essential frequency to modulate.

Reference 009 is signed by TWICE. The project is shared by Sevillians V.Rotz & Photoclick aka Antikom. For sure we must follow their footsteps, given the subtle geniality surrounding their productions.

‘Back to basic’ is a piece that in its chameleonic wrapper embodies a tribute to old school techno. From a persuasive bassline gets ready to build a boisterous synthetic crescendo that emanates elegance and pure danceable hedonism.

Alex Jones executes an intimate, deliciously harsh reinterpretation of ‘Back to basic’, wrapping our ears in an ideal density that announces the inevitable countdown. Terrific great this remake from Alex Jones, guaranteed by his previous works from labels such as Hypercolour, Kindisch, Turbo, Murmur or Glimpse Recordings.

From Athens and by Ntanos arrives the second remix of ‘Back to basic’. This promising newcomer swerves this time-tunnel voyage towards coordinates where house imposes itself. Its powerful sub-low line acts as the most desirable shuttle where celebrate a party trip with never-ending fun.

Completing this EP there is ‘Radiostation’, an interstellar tune that, from its melancholic but sweetly atmospheric dub tech, is capable of packing together those emotions that machines cannot silence.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR008 Flumo Recordings 11·2009
Theodor Zox Shine EP

From Copenhagen comes Theodor Zox debut now for Flumo Recordings. His career is full of acclaimed works for labels such as Morris Audio CS, Tic Tac Toe, Trenton, 3rd Floor, Cray1 Labworks or Neopren.

‘Shine’ is the central track which gives name to this EP. A superb production where the futurist sensuality and that old flavour of west coast deep house that dazzle more that simply shine. The perfect excuse to put on our sunglasses and jive with its stimulating rhythmic flows.

‘Slick Slider’ is a piece as twisting as gliding, as haunting as intimate, a real jewel that enriches this catalogue with its beats and that hypnotism captivatingly chromatic.

V-Sexion signs an incredible ‘Shine’ remix where a carefully introduced crescendo leads us right to the top of the dance floor. His voice treatment and that powerful groove line result in an irresistible instrument of seduction.

Ezequiel Sánchez is a young promise whom we must follow his footsteps for sure. In his remake of ‘Shine’ the touch of minimal house let us enjoy from its precise simplicity.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLD015 Fluidos 10·2009
Photoclick aka Antikom Aries

Vuelve por todo lo grande el subsello de Flumo más centrado en la música experimental y/o ambiental, Fluidos llega a su plena adolescencia, al número quince, de la misma forma que empezó, con el sevillano Photoclick, aunque ahora con otro proyecto de igual o mayor calado: Antikom.

Para tal evento no podíamos racanear y quedarnos cortos, si en el primer ep fueron tres temas los que nos regaló este hombre, ahora son doce los momentos de contemplación y baile horizontal de los que podremos disfrutar en esta nueva reencarnación.

Doce temas con un denominador común: la melancolía. Algo que se transmite tanto a los títulos de los temas como al ambiente predominante en ellos. Melancolía con música que nos suena a todo lo que siempre nos ha gustado en este subsello, tanto Warp como Planet Mu (y similares) andan en el punto de mira - dando casi siempre en la diana -, aunque no son los únicos espejos en los que reflejarse, ya que el minimal e incluso la cadencia y determinados paisajes de dubstep laten bajo todo ese entramado sonoro. Temas como 'Confuso', 'Perdido' o 'Tan lejos tan cerca', sirven como un regalo y antídoto perfecto para este otoño que se nos acerca peligrosamente.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR007 Flumo Recordings 10·2009
Ludwig Coenen Tripleplay EP

This is a breathtaking entry in the Flumo Recordings catalogue from Ludwig Coenen with his ‘Tripleplay EP’. Three are the little jewels to admire in this work that is accompanied by two spectacular remixes by El_Txef_A and Alland Byallo. Eyes wide open then with our new Frankfurt guy who has already edited with Highgrade or Senator, among other labels. High quality production and fine taste.
Tripleplay is an excellent piece of deep space, where a subtle but addictive groove serves as a lift-off for a trip in which acid takes control superbly.

Ludwig Coenen with 'Les Crêpes' is sweet as it sounds. Out from Detroit's oven vibes, made with a rich and creamy bass-line as main ingredient. An infallible recipe to sweeten and dynamite musical evenings.

Alland Byallo completes then this EP with a remix worth of the carats hoarded in his music vision. Our cake orbits towards Mars, stopping first in the state of Michigan. Simply sublime.
 ‘El_Txef_A’s Jai Alai Remix’ cake, what means to put the recipe in the oven where Chicago and classic flavour bake a tasty remake of cosmic funk.

Ludwig completes this amazing EP with the track 'Skateboard', here he is proposing a play break, he is inviting us to 'skate' together in his particular and unique playground. This promises to become a new trend, meanwhile we just keep playing with our Skateboard

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR005 Flumo Recordings 7·2009
VA Unreleased Highlights 001

Unreleased Highlights 001 becomes an exciting fist Various Artists format selection that Flumo Recordings has created with a recollection of hidden gems that dazzle in their composition and conception.

It has a track list that stylistically develops from deep-tech to dub-house. An essence almost always permeated by Detroit vibes and avant-garde sounds for the dance floor that, no doubt, are becoming the trademark of the label.

In the front line we can find carefully crafted works from Ludwig Coenen, Theodor Zox, Markus Newton & Cosmic Cowboys.

We continue with the highly suggestive works from artists that are gradually calling the attention such as V.Sexion & Ntanos, Baldo, Chembass, Manu Heredia or Oren Bi.

Expect to find heavy artillery in the rearguard from the best of Flumo factory, from the ever brilliant and flagship artist El_Txef_A, to the big bets (and big actual realities) Drunkat!, V.Rotz, Dixie Yure and Twice.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLM028 Flumo Netlabel 6·2009
Drunkat! Love & Tekno

Drunkat! hace su primera aparición en el catálogo de flumo net label, después de haber firmado el genial flumo recordings 002 'Miss Mirari E.p', que ha contado con el apoyo y reconocimiento de artistas tan importantes como Dave Dk, Angel Molina, Mark Henning, Jaumëtic o Catz N Dogz, entre muchos otros.

En Love & Tekno E.p Drunkat! vuelve a hacer gala con su personal deep tech de esa capacidad de abstracción creativa al margen de cualquier tendencia de moda. En 'All night long' encontramos esa canción de apertura de set que te hace agudizar los sentidos sabedor de que la noche se presenta larga y deliciosamente intensa. 'Love & Tekno' es el track que completa esta referencia y, sin duda, es una joya que perdurará como uno de los grandes clásicos de Flumo net label. En su sencillez formal y desde su envolvente hipnotismo detroitniano atesora una sutil capacidad de disparar los sensores emocionales hasta lugares felizmente desconocidos.

V.Rotz firma un remix de 'Love & Tekno' donde sus basslines se tornan ácidas y un sugerente juego de vocales nos conduce a un crescendo que rompe en unas coordenadas que nos acercan al electro con sabor a chicago.

Chembass es un joven productor que hace un más que prometedor debut en flumo net label. Factura una reinterpretación de 'All night long' aproximándola al dub house, dotándola de mayor fuerza expresiva e incorporándole un tratamiento desde la elegancia donde la sensación de amplitud espacial se convierte en protagonista.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR003 Flumo Recordings 4·2009
Wego & Notch Brak

Flumo’s  recordings reference 003 is this time signed by Wego a.k.a Jordi Aragón, a guy from Valencia.  He collaborates in one of the tracks with Notch (a.k.a. Jaime Romero) Lontano association forming member.

In ‘Brak’, Wego and Notch make a simple and devious techno example perfectly balanced among its melodic hypnotism, a powerful bassline and its synthetic percussions.

Theodor Zox signs his ‘Brak’ remix endowing it with a different pulse, where a mininal house is combined with a soft and very addictive groove with a high dose of soul. With ‘El Swing Virtual’ Wego invites us to wander into a space where the subtleness of sonic textures in his composition pushes us towards a delicious in crescendo with deep tech as a main host in this spectacular piece. Holger Zilske & Dave Dk elaborate a great reinterpretation of ‘El Swing Virtual’ (Virtual Swing) much more essentialist, near the vanguardist sort of dub. To cap it all, and as special present we find a ‘Brak’ remix from Wego, a free bonus trac

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR002 Flumo Recordings 3·2009
Drunkat! Miss Mirari

Drunkat! is the autor of the second release of Flumo Recordings with two tracks: ‘Av Verde’ and ‘Blue Blood’. In the first one he delivers a disturbing and hypnotic lesson of futuristic acid house as a subtle tribute to the most irreverent Chicago house. ‘Blue Blood’, on the other hand, is an elegant and melodic tech-house piece, which influenced by classic techno sources, shows how simplicity can get high levels of sophistication in its enveloping cadenza.

Glimpse signs a remix of ‘Av Verde’ which is fueled by energy and sensuality in a phenomenal reconfiguration of elements and textures that get close to an avant-garde house. Alejandro López delivers an impressive version of ‘Av Verde’ where its acid bass and old school techno flavor become dance floor gunpowder from the very beginning till the end of the track.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR001 Flumo Recordings 6·2008
El_Txef_A Beira EP

In this first reference of El Txef A ‘Beira E.p’ we find the two original tracks Maybe We Can Scape From Here and Beira. This promising artist shows a melodic tech-house well impregnated of the most futuristic Detroit.

Rex Sepulveda signs a remix closer to house, injecting a treatment of bass lines and polishing the dramatic tension while making it perfect to unleash heightened states of passion on the dancefloor. Remute aka Denis Karimani performs a reinterpretation closer to techno where its exciting evolution and build-up is merged with a groove and an ending that becomes an elegant weapon for djs with a secret agent soul.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLM025 Flumo Netlabel 6·2008
VA Laboratorio Demensional

It is really beautiful to conciously attend the birth of any piece of communitary art if you are asked to become part of it. Even more if the one who asks you is devoted to a mayor project truly important, a part of a whole which is called Flumo, something much more important of what we think.

Generous is this “Laboratorio Demensional” as it is full of superb tracks characterized –to me, quite– by heterogeneity. Each of the tracks is on its own, and slowly they play, talk, process and participate of a lot of styles, textures and harmonies.

Perfect for listening to it in just one go, as you never got tired of its lexical/electronic richness together with its familiar phonetics. Thus, is quite certain that this test tube #25 of multi-style alchemy produced by so different artists will allow us to participate of so many dimensions as number of tracks are included.

Laboratorio Dimensional is a valuable electronic compilation evoking such good emotions! It is quite probable that this reference turns into a hit essential to Flumo history, as in my opinion reaches a delicate maturity full of the contemporaneity we need, and all this thanks to a powerful engine: PASSION

Djing or Fluming?… I have been always and unconsciously fluming because Flumo flows naturally and elegantly just as good people do.

Text by Aitor Palomo

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLR000 Flumo Recordings 12·2007
VA Flumo Unmixed Edition 001

From Flumo, after two years as a net label and informative platform working with artists of different nationalities, have compiled this double CD with 24 unreleased tracks to further develop musical creativity in our wide but personal vision of electronic music.

In the Cd 1, Infinite Deep, we find the reflection of an extensive stylistic vision shared asthread depth projected into deep contemporary modernism from the assimilation of the classics.

Future Groove is the name of Cd 2. On this record the coordinates in that frame, butvariable in terms of nuances and interpretations are directed towards the sounds that are developed properly in the dance floor.

Flumo Unmixed Edition 001 is co.producido Flumo and Tarifa by and between thetracklisting Records artists are scattered around the world include: Glimpse, Theodor Zox,Remute, Tom Ellis, Misc, The Txef_A, Daryl Jackson Black, V. Rotz, Jussi Pekka, MikaelStravostrand or Alejandro Lopez ..

This release of Flumo Unmixed Edition 001 will have a promotional tour in 2008 throughout the Spanish territory, as well as for some countries like England, Portugal and Germany

The double CD Flumo Unmixed Edition 001 is available at: Tarifa Records, in all FNACstores in Spain and in specialty stores. In digital format Flumo Unmixed Edition 001 can be found at www.beatport.com

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLM020 Flumo Netlabel 7·2007
Aquarell Access Road EP

Aquarell is a project formed by Markus Newton and Christian Quast, the first of the working with Salto recordings, while Christian has already edited tracks and remixes for such interesting labels as Safari Electronique, Kickboxer, Ironbox, Obsolete or Broque.

From their general headquarters in Hamburg, they present us with this Acces Road E.P.. A rough way on its textures, with a percussion like leitmotiv and hectic, is what we find first in Off Road. In Amelie Road, second track of the E.p. they offer a warmer pace in a deep jazz minimal tone with a meticulously cared elegance, going further towards the avant garde.

This E.p is finished with three remixes from Amelie Road signed by Electric Arrow, and the already well known for this label, El Txef A and Omar Salgado. Electric Arrow replays the original with a minimal house where he emphasizes his personalization of the melody to which he gives main attention. Omar Salgado in his fascinating remix, gets us closer to his deep minimal universe where dub and the atmospheric textures are merged with mastery. And last, El Txef A brings us a genious interpretation where he reduce elements to give it a softer rythm and to also to add his own melodic treatment.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLM018 Flumo Netlabel 6·2007
Ludwig Coenen Aspect Ratio

In this Aspect Ratio E.p., his debut in Flumo, Ludwig Coenen preserves his trend among house and techno as a stylistic base. His evocative melodic constructions always contrast his simple but precious drummings and hypnotic low lines and the evolutive constructive cadence that create altogether the delicious strain, Frankfurt artist’s way.

Aspect Ratio ends with a Jackson Black’s remix of the track that gives tittle to the E.p. Jxnblk dissects Aspect Ratio to provide it with new shades and arrangements close to the American.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLD010 Fluidos 4·2007
VA Diez + Uno

Lately we have observed how the musical revolution because of/thanks to internet was affecting us all somehow. New ways of expression arised thanks to the software and that room-electronic which, besides the proliferation of new artists, gave way to new record labels, which played with digital format creating netlabels.

Flumo has been one of those netlabels with a wider national exposure in the last years. Bit by bit the label reached up to fifteen referencas with Spanish and international artists, and on the other side, the sublabel Fluidos, focused in electronic (and not so) musics out of the major label dynamic- was created with the staff’s favorable reception.

Artists such as Aalms, Edmulsion, Frijul, or Sovitz from Madrid -among many others- are part of a new group compiled by Fluidos, which will try to grow with all these sometimes unclassified- bizarre, sometimes danceable, sometimes musing, but always full of personality. El_Txef_A, blessed by Traxx magazine, and Metamorphobia has been the latest to join our little family, and on this occasion will hear them all in a compilation while we wait for their new EP's.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLM016 Flumo Netlabel 3·2007
El_Txef_A Siempre Quedará Amuma's House

Our brand-new signing El_Txef_A is responsible for the avant-garde style that characterizes this Ep.

Aitor Etxebarria, linked to music by means of his brother, continues his training in music at this moment. If we could manage to gather Nathan Fake, Oliver Koletzki, Apparat and James Holden to have coffee and wonder about young and new talented musicians, we are sure that El_Txef_A would be in their minds. Enjoy these four gems and please don't skip one of the EPs that no doubt will be regarded as on of our classic works.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLM015 Flumo Netlabel 2·2007
Z@p Café

Z@p is a young dj and producer born in Montevideo suburbs who debuts with this Café. His style is hypnotically designed, making us tofreak out through different sonic sketches to convey, no doubt, in the dancefloor.

Filled with subtleties and samples, this 4 tracks combine elements adjacent to electro o minimal, highlighting this dj’s personal vision of the avant-garde. Wego is the artist who signs his own reinterpretation of the evocative and vaporous Café.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLM014 Flumo Netlabel 1·2007
V.Rotz Whatever Choice

Having recorded for European net labels such as Plex, Uran, Otium, Zimmer, Tropic, the American Subtropical Records, or having included some tracks in Flm00 and our Flm010 compilation, we can at last listen to the so longed V.Rotz’s new E.p.

This delay surgeon and melodies deconstructor presents us 4 cuts that embody an homogenic work which hijack us to the dancefloor with the most futurist minimaloid funk. Nothing better after playing with a class-pal that continuing with a delicious salmorejo in any beach of beloved Hanna-Barbera’s Jetsonss galaxy.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLD008 Fluidos 1·2007
El_Txef_A 8 Hilabete

To start the year and as a post-xmas present we offer you the work of young Aitor (aka El_Txef_a) who being just 21 he has been already chosen as one of the artist editing a theme in a promo cd of the club music specialized Traxx magazine.

Aitor is keen on electronic music whatever its facets and this time he shows us his most experimental side, with three tracks mixing carefreely and with fine taste idm beats, drum&bass, hip-hop and ambient... Welcome to Flumo!!!!!

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLM010 Flumo Netlabel 9·2006
VA Tremenditud

After more than a year of involvement with the international electronic scene, Flumo now offers a new compilation for our tenth net release, in which numerous top performers have provided input. This commemorative release is also a way for us to thank all those who have worked in one way or another with Flumo, a pioneering Net Label in our country.

Flumo contributes to and is well aware of the growing significance of Net Label culture, revealing the work of major artists and encouraging more relations between them. This time we, or rather, these artists, increasingly linked to Net Label culture, have decided to go all out. The 16 tracks that make up the Tremenditud Flumo 010 Compilation are signed by:

Pheek (Canada), SebastianRussell (UK), Dieb(Germany), PabloAkaros (Spain), Paper(Spain), Lektrono (Spain), V.Rotz (Spain), Wego(Spain), Dataman (Russia), Denis Karimani (Germany), BrightLight (Denmark), Blanali (Colombia), Ekkohaus (Greece), Jackson Black (Japan/USA), Lofi-Rockers (Spain), Brian Kage (USA), Etiop (Poland), Aquarell (Germany)

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLM005 Flumo Netlabel 5·2006
Wego Burn it

After the great 3 Channels tracks we have Flumo 005_Burn it by Wego. You will be really pleased to hear this minimal deep reference,that has warm clicks and melodies and no doubt will bring us to the most delightful of the dancefloors.

VA - 5 Years of Flumo | Flumo Recordings | FLR020
FLM000 Flumo Netlabel 1·2006
VA Deformación Profesional

English version no available.