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T.W.I.C.E. - Sad Song | Flumo Recordings | FLR025


Flumoʼs saga new release comes from this lab in the form of a cloud wandering among Seville and London. Be ready to enjoy in a superlative way as T.W.I.C.E. come back to their bastion position.

T.W.I.C.E. are living a sweet moment which is perfectly visible in their las two EPs for Raw Cutz and Fiakun, two labels with an important international projection.

ʻSad Songʼ becomes the angular stone in this work. Melancholic robotic instincts seems to capture the silence essence in order to mould it for a suggestive dance of synthetic unpredictability. Romanticism of a B movie transformed into a magnificent one, the kind we are accustomed to receive from their hands.

Miguel Puente is an artist who had already our respect due to his –more than– interesting debut contributions for Digital Delight and Sultry Vibes, Underground standard-bearers. We may also mention their acclaimed appearances in famous N0.19. Miguel Puente relishes in this remake of sublime psychedelic electro funk made for the future, indeed.

Alex James, part of the exclusive team of the Composite family, bring us an irreverent and addictive remix, focusing on the central dancefloor as the infallible target. Among his weapons, a hypnotic bassline and a somehow harsh, subterranean vocals contrasting the irrepressible groove.

Completing this EP we find ʻSmooth Songʼ, a surprising, brilliant, intimate piece of techno soul. If some hits could talk they probably would refer to these moors of unfathomable destiny.

FLR025 | 5 Oct 2011

Sad Song



Sad Song

2:26 min


Sad Song (Miguel Puente Remix)

2:30 min


Sad Song (Alex James Remix)

2:31 min


Smooth Song

2:10 min

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T.W.I.C.E. - Sad Song | Flumo Recordings | FLR025
FLR034 Flumo Recordings 5·2012
T.W.I.C.E. Black Out Ep

T.W.I.C.E come back to Flumo, a editorial house which has them as one of its biggest references, as the label’s life and T.W.I.C.E’s musical concept are inseparable.

This one, their third reference in the label, the team formed by V.Rotz and Photoclick, straddling between London and Seville, is back to present a pointy trident of tracks that dive into the hollow depth with this release.

Required by labels such as My Favourite Robot, Akbal Music, or Fiakun, T.W.I.C.E. had gained international acknowledgement in the scene with a formula based on the mixing of elements and classic benchmarks filtered through modernity.

Proof of this is the piece which opens the release, “Timeless”, eight minutes of sideral music adopting Techno’s depth as a shell, but hiding the beat of the best Chicago underground House, exploding after becoming absorbed in an abyss of layers and layers of electronic sounds.

The second piece, “Miss My Pants” is a Deep House old school treaty, a track with a narcotic bass drum, a sharp, cutting bass, a multiple details quite characteristic of T.W.I.C.E.: top class synthetic Funk which combines wisely daydreaming melodies and latent darkness in the form with flows of sensuality in the content.

Finally, “Sweet Lover” is, as its title suggest, the sweetest track in this release. A piece which starts with Dub echoes and presents the melody– minimalist, hypnotic, suggestive- a matter of state. Along its nine minutes, Sweet Lover” evolves, mutates, and examines itself while maintaining its pulse: hurting deepness, beating sexuality, calm tempo, infinite echoes, voices from the beyond.

A sweet release which will make T.W.I.C.E.’s legend even bigger in and out, consolidating the sound of one of the essential teams in Spanish electronic music, maintaining Flumo in the privileged position gained after the last references.

T.W.I.C.E. - Sad Song | Flumo Recordings | FLR025
FLR021 Flumo Recordings 4·2011
T.W.I.C.E. Time to Freak
¡¡Charted by Varoslav, Jim Rivers, Tim Green!!

Eagerly awaited, T.W.I.C.E return to their original label, where magnificent creations such as ‘Apendic’ or incombustible ‘Back to Basic’ –soundtrack in clubs worldwide- were manufactured.

Coming soon, next releases that T.W.I.C.E has prepared for Save You Records, with mighty label Raw Cutz, and Fiakun’s third reference, been this one of the labels with greater scope, and having two number ones with its first references in WhatPeoplePlay.

Elegance and know-how of Ekkohaus are both highly appreciated not just in this label, which is his home, but also in the vaste list of hip labels where his works appear. This precise remix take us immediately to that quintessence where, like in sacred days, tecno expanded as the best-futuristic path of galactic connection.

‘Time to Freak’ the original, futher from extra considerations and comparatives, is a genuine jewel of funk goldsmithing, with brilliant inlays full of pure soul beams. As hypnotic as calmed, and as cheeky as memorable. A ray of geniality absolutely timeless. Impressive.

Debut at Flumo catalogue of Santos Resiak, and what a start, you may tell. After editting at Inmigrant, Apparel Music or Airdrop Records, among others, we are pleased to have his remake of ‘Time to Freak’. An bass-acid-funk bomb which creates in its ascending line a delicious amalgam of techno, disco, and soul. Equally glorious is the descendant stream he offers, taking us to a fantastic end, where acid happily surrenders to the piano which cocoons it, to lay it in its deep cradle.

T.W.I.C.E. - Sad Song | Flumo Recordings | FLR025
FLR020 Flumo Recordings 3·2011
VA 5 Years of Flumo

Seville's label Flumo celebrates its first five years with reference number 20. A very special reference, which closes a really productive stage for the label and many artists, some of them a sure commitment for Flumo, having produced excellent stuff with the label, and they had now become referents in electronic music worldwide – Glimpse, Tom Demac, El_Txef_A, Dave DK, Dixie Yure, Ekkohaus, Chris Lattner, Ezequiel Sanchez, Alland Byallo, V.Sexion.

To feast this anniversary, Flumo brings a compilation containing 18 tracks from all its catalogue, embodying a monograph of club music as it is understood by this sevillian label.

"FLUMO 5 YEARS COMPILATION" contains brushstrokes of various styles and genres, chosen with care and concern from over dozens of references published by the label so far. Sometimes, Chicago's legacy blossoms –tracks by Tom Demac, El Txef A, Daniel Kyo, or Nicson- or render a jazzie character, as it is shown in works by V.Rotz, Ekkohaus, Ezequiel Sanchez, Jazzler, TWICE,or V.Sexion.

There is also room for newest acid house –Chris Lattner-, deeptechno –Dave DK & Holger Ziske, Ntanos , Glimpse, Alex Jones or -Ludwig Coenen- and pure delicious electronic, Dixie Yure.

A compendium which ends a cycle stating in the same way: with a compilatory work defining the bases and objectives of a label always looking for challenges to offer. And this is precisely what has maintained Flumo in the limelight these years.

T.W.I.C.E. - Sad Song | Flumo Recordings | FLR025
FLR009 Flumo Recordings 1·2010
T.W.I.C.E. Back To Basic

Flumo Recordings continues promoting electronic dance music arising from its particular vision where underground is the unique essential frequency to modulate.

Reference 009 is signed by TWICE. The project is shared by Sevillians V.Rotz & Photoclick aka Antikom. For sure we must follow their footsteps, given the subtle geniality surrounding their productions.

‘Back to basic’ is a piece that in its chameleonic wrapper embodies a tribute to old school techno. From a persuasive bassline gets ready to build a boisterous synthetic crescendo that emanates elegance and pure danceable hedonism.

Alex Jones executes an intimate, deliciously harsh reinterpretation of ‘Back to basic’, wrapping our ears in an ideal density that announces the inevitable countdown. Terrific great this remake from Alex Jones, guaranteed by his previous works from labels such as Hypercolour, Kindisch, Turbo, Murmur or Glimpse Recordings.

From Athens and by Ntanos arrives the second remix of ‘Back to basic’. This promising newcomer swerves this time-tunnel voyage towards coordinates where house imposes itself. Its powerful sub-low line acts as the most desirable shuttle where celebrate a party trip with never-ending fun.

Completing this EP there is ‘Radiostation’, an interstellar tune that, from its melancholic but sweetly atmospheric dub tech, is capable of packing together those emotions that machines cannot silence.

T.W.I.C.E. - Sad Song | Flumo Recordings | FLR025
FLD015 Fluidos 10·2009
Photoclick aka Antikom Aries

Vuelve por todo lo grande el subsello de Flumo más centrado en la música experimental y/o ambiental, Fluidos llega a su plena adolescencia, al número quince, de la misma forma que empezó, con el sevillano Photoclick, aunque ahora con otro proyecto de igual o mayor calado: Antikom.

Para tal evento no podíamos racanear y quedarnos cortos, si en el primer ep fueron tres temas los que nos regaló este hombre, ahora son doce los momentos de contemplación y baile horizontal de los que podremos disfrutar en esta nueva reencarnación.

Doce temas con un denominador común: la melancolía. Algo que se transmite tanto a los títulos de los temas como al ambiente predominante en ellos. Melancolía con música que nos suena a todo lo que siempre nos ha gustado en este subsello, tanto Warp como Planet Mu (y similares) andan en el punto de mira - dando casi siempre en la diana -, aunque no son los únicos espejos en los que reflejarse, ya que el minimal e incluso la cadencia y determinados paisajes de dubstep laten bajo todo ese entramado sonoro. Temas como 'Confuso', 'Perdido' o 'Tan lejos tan cerca', sirven como un regalo y antídoto perfecto para este otoño que se nos acerca peligrosamente.

T.W.I.C.E. - Sad Song | Flumo Recordings | FLR025
FLR000 Flumo Recordings 12·2007
VA Flumo Unmixed Edition 001

From Flumo, after two years as a net label and informative platform working with artists of different nationalities, have compiled this double CD with 24 unreleased tracks to further develop musical creativity in our wide but personal vision of electronic music.

In the Cd 1, Infinite Deep, we find the reflection of an extensive stylistic vision shared asthread depth projected into deep contemporary modernism from the assimilation of the classics.

Future Groove is the name of Cd 2. On this record the coordinates in that frame, butvariable in terms of nuances and interpretations are directed towards the sounds that are developed properly in the dance floor.

Flumo Unmixed Edition 001 is co.producido Flumo and Tarifa by and between thetracklisting Records artists are scattered around the world include: Glimpse, Theodor Zox,Remute, Tom Ellis, Misc, The Txef_A, Daryl Jackson Black, V. Rotz, Jussi Pekka, MikaelStravostrand or Alejandro Lopez ..

This release of Flumo Unmixed Edition 001 will have a promotional tour in 2008 throughout the Spanish territory, as well as for some countries like England, Portugal and Germany

The double CD Flumo Unmixed Edition 001 is available at: Tarifa Records, in all FNACstores in Spain and in specialty stores. In digital format Flumo Unmixed Edition 001 can be found at www.beatport.com

T.W.I.C.E. - Sad Song | Flumo Recordings | FLR025
FLM014 Flumo Netlabel 1·2007
V.Rotz Whatever Choice

Having recorded for European net labels such as Plex, Uran, Otium, Zimmer, Tropic, the American Subtropical Records, or having included some tracks in Flm00 and our Flm010 compilation, we can at last listen to the so longed V.Rotz’s new E.p.

This delay surgeon and melodies deconstructor presents us 4 cuts that embody an homogenic work which hijack us to the dancefloor with the most futurist minimaloid funk. Nothing better after playing with a class-pal that continuing with a delicious salmorejo in any beach of beloved Hanna-Barbera’s Jetsonss galaxy.

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