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Zumo - Funk It Up EP | Flumo Recordings | FLR032

We're back and celebrating that chaps Si O'Connor y Phil Kallitsakis, are back to bring us a humid and nutritious work, from their project Zumo, which makes the third EP in our catalogue.

'Funk It Like Me' opens fire boldly. This is a burst of mighty groove, that without any complex scaffoldings, hits right in the middle of a dancefloor, which will crumble, surely, to this accurate and well-aimed display of raw funk and addictive ingredients.

With 'Four Voice Feeling' the finish this second round, where the leading hedonism emanating from the first drop, immediately becomes a success guarantee. A piece as irreverent as seductive. Controlled and controlling, its tension, starring by the amazing bassline and vocals, leaves the acid and its hypnotic melodies, in recommended doses, to complete such irresistible proposal.

T.W.I.C.E pops again, in this his house, after having shown amazing works –honorable mention to his widely clapped'Against Nature' in great label My Favorite Robot -; his eagerly awaited EP is on the way. His deconstruction of 'Funk It Like Me' results in a remix where some of his master abilities characterizing his personality gleam from that creative subtlety which spills neurons and slides hips with a simple and striking easiness.

Jaeb is in charge of completing this fascinating EP. His remake of 'Funk It Like Me' is a piece of nice tech-house which, drinking from some of the genre sources, crystallizes in his personal vision of it.

FLR032 | 28 Mar 2012

Funk It Up EP



Funk It Up

2:01 min


Four Voice Feeling

2:01 min


Funk It Up (T.W.I.C.E Flowing In The Mix)

2:00 min


I Wanna (Jae B Remix)

2:00 min

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Zumo - Funk It Up EP | Flumo Recordings | FLR032
FLR020 Flumo Recordings 3·2011
VA 5 Years of Flumo

Seville's label Flumo celebrates its first five years with reference number 20. A very special reference, which closes a really productive stage for the label and many artists, some of them a sure commitment for Flumo, having produced excellent stuff with the label, and they had now become referents in electronic music worldwide – Glimpse, Tom Demac, El_Txef_A, Dave DK, Dixie Yure, Ekkohaus, Chris Lattner, Ezequiel Sanchez, Alland Byallo, V.Sexion.

To feast this anniversary, Flumo brings a compilation containing 18 tracks from all its catalogue, embodying a monograph of club music as it is understood by this sevillian label.

"FLUMO 5 YEARS COMPILATION" contains brushstrokes of various styles and genres, chosen with care and concern from over dozens of references published by the label so far. Sometimes, Chicago's legacy blossoms –tracks by Tom Demac, El Txef A, Daniel Kyo, or Nicson- or render a jazzie character, as it is shown in works by V.Rotz, Ekkohaus, Ezequiel Sanchez, Jazzler, TWICE,or V.Sexion.

There is also room for newest acid house –Chris Lattner-, deeptechno –Dave DK & Holger Ziske, Ntanos , Glimpse, Alex Jones or -Ludwig Coenen- and pure delicious electronic, Dixie Yure.

A compendium which ends a cycle stating in the same way: with a compilatory work defining the bases and objectives of a label always looking for challenges to offer. And this is precisely what has maintained Flumo in the limelight these years.

Zumo - Funk It Up EP | Flumo Recordings | FLR032
FLR019 Flumo Recordings 2·2011
Zumo All Night Long EP

Here we are again, seduced by Zumo’s proposal, so noone better than they to continue enriching the already nurtured and always nurturing Flumo Recordings catalogue. The Brit pair present ‘All Night Long EP’, which comes together with luxurious remixes by  Ludwig Coenen and Robert Cashin.

Unbeatable with their ‘Let’s get it on’, track of technoid essence with an hypnotic flirtation. A raw and powerful bassline, where acid and percussions craddled in the electro are the protagonists of this mighty projectile weapon having the shape of a sonic tool.

‘Morning Sun’ is a piece with high doses with high dosage sweetness and strong daydreaming sconnotations. Landscape deep, perfect for the early hours, as the title suggest; both the awakening or the eve of an encounter with Morpheus, after an intense evening.

Ludwig Coenen is already an old chap of us, after some impressive signings for this label. After working for Highgrade, Toughtless Music or Inmigrant, he brings his reinterpretation of ‘Let’s get it on’ under a light where a refined tech-house is always the sure thing.

The icing of this luscious cake is the other remake of ‘Let’s get it on’, this time by Robert Cashin. The Cardiff man has caused great excitement with the first reference for Losin Sucki, sublabel of Hypercolour. In this remix we enjoy his dish of cosmic bakery, mellow groove… tempting mouthful.

Zumo - Funk It Up EP | Flumo Recordings | FLR032
FLR012 Flumo Recordings 4·2010
Zumo Organic EP

Greatly welcomed Si O'Connor & Sakis coming to Flumo Recordings team, both artists are aka Zumo. Their recient ‘Warped Warehouse Remix’ of Frankie Flowers in ‘It’s Funk, It’s House’ for Hypercolour has gained acknowledgement of names such as: Steve Lawler, Clive Henry, Afrilounge, Boris Werner, Guy Gerber, Jussi Pekka, Ekkohaus or Varoslav.

Zumo presents ‘Treetops’ opening this ‘Organic EP’. Houzy soul roots in an hypnotic crescendo as lucid as mesmerising addictive, intense and moist; pure club juice.

Si O’Connor & Sakis rest their tempo in ‘Serene’ giving a step forward for the classic and the timeless to be (re)united. West-coast-style deep with powerful rhythmic bases molding the vocals which harmonize perfectly with the dramatic density, archetypal in their works.

Impressive their ‘Strictly Rhythm’. If  rawness, extravaganza, HOUSE (with capitals) and funk in an organic mood may be mixed, we are not sure. But it is possible to synthesize all that within a track, as it is here shown by this acid pair.

Chris Lattner has become one of the most admired pop-up artists in our days, supported by the underground house elite. With his remake of ‘Strictly Rhythm’, he proves no doubt he is as fit as ever. He combines infectious groove, acid and deep hose in a simply irresistible way.